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Anti-Karen and Kevin Policy



- We offer fantastic, one off unique antique and second hand items at low prices. We do not offer brand new Freedom Furniture Pieces. If you are looking for these, kindly shop at Freedom Furniture - and feel free to pay their prices, we won't stop you! You can also delight in knowing everyone in Australia has the same lounge at home!


- If you feel like offering $2 for a $200 item, we will discuss your offer in our offfice, snigger, and move on with our day. Don't expect a reply - we are busy.


- Should you decide to berate, abuse or intimidate one of our staff, we will call the police, or slash your tyres. Up to you. 


- Who doesn't love a bargain! We sell our items at a low price, and encourage you to bargain at Coles or Kmart instead - good luck! Let us know how you go. We sell items as you see them - if you are unhappy with the price, we can recommend plenty of chain stores you can visit to find that unique piece everyone has. 

Our Philiosophy

We are a family run business, and love what we do. We are constantly refurbishing antique pieces as a labour of love. All of our staff are fun loving and hard working. We can spot a Karen a mile away - so best to shop at Westfields. Security!!!!

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